Metadata Quality Assessment (MQA)


The metadata for the relevant open datasets used in the development of the use cases for Lisbon, were evaluated accordingly with the requirements of the European Data Portal using the Metadata Quality Assessment (MQA) tool made available in the portal. This tool allows to study the quality of metadata harvested by the European Data Portal.

Data providers can use this tool to validate their metadata for valid formats and compliant with DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP).

However, the metadata available in Lisbon Open Data Portal was not in a format that can be consumed by MQA, and to cope with this aspect it was created a web application that converts metadata in JSON-LD format that is readable by the MQA. The metadata for the relevant datasets was created with this web application and published in Lisbon Open Data Portal. The application have the sections that refers to classes and properties in DCAT-AP (v. 2.0.1).


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